It’s spring and it’s time to hit the refresh button in your closet! Research has shown that when you’re living in a disorganized home, you live with increased stress. Girlfriend, do something about it! Find your inner Marie Kondo, pack up what doesn’t spark joy for you (seriously), and definitely do not think of your purging as wasteful. Donate, donate, donate and give your clothes a valuable second life.

Spring cleaning time is a great opportunity to organize that overflowing closet and make it work for you! We have some great tips for how to declutter your closet and get rid of that undue stress. Who wouldn’t want that?


1: Touch everything

We mean it when we say touch everything. Yes, it’s a big task. If it is overwhelming, go one drawer or one shelf at a time, but touch everything. Take it out of its space. By doing this, you can’t just look at something, which is easier to do but also easier to brush over. Doing it this way will force you to consider every item in your closet. Pick your best-fitting and best-wearing items to keep.

Need help deciding what to keep and what goes when you declutter? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it still fit?
  • Would you buy it again today?
  • Have you worn it in the past two years?
  • Do you feel like your best self when you wear it? When in doubt, try it on.
  • Is it in good shape, without stains or holes?


2: Make it pretty!

Now the fun stuff! Treat yourself to new hangers that are all matching or pretty fabric bins for your shelves. You did all the hard work so why not?

When you put everything back in your closet, consider how you want to organize it. A few things to consider when putting pieces back:


  • Fold your knits and sweaters to avoid stretching them out in the neck and shoulders.
  • Arrange your closet in a way that works for you. Consider organizing tops by color, by sleeve length, or occasion. It will make the process of coordinating easier come time for dressing.
  • Group like items in boxes or bins. Items like tights, scarves, socks and sunglasses work well stored this way.


3: Needs

Once you declutter and everything is sorted, you might notice there are pieces you want to keep but don’t know what to wear them with. Or perhaps there are new pieces or trends that you would like to add to your wardrobe. Write it down or take pictures and put it in your phone so the next time you’re shopping you are reminded of what to look for. The best part is since you rid yourself of pieces that just took up space, you can find some new ones that make you happy.

We found some great things to add to your spring lineup and because you’re shopping thrift by shopping at reStitch, you don’t have to break the bank while filling in the gaps!


 Second hand Talbots dress


This floral Talbots dress just screams spring but would work so well for summer and even into fall. It’s perfect for work but would transition to date night when paired with some dangly earrings and a large clutch.

Second hand Lularoe

Caftans are still huge this season, and this one from Lularoe is just adorable. Wear it with a simple tank and wide-legged jeans for a laid-back look.


NWT Tan Jacket 


Spring can be unpredictable, so grab a light-colored jacket, like this one by BKE before you head out the door. The lighter color makes it more spring-like and less like dreary winter.


4: Consistency

Now that we’ve been through how to declutter your closet, it’ll be much easier the next time around if you work to keep these tips in mind year-round. We also suggest not only going through your closet every spring but also tackling it in the fall, too. It’s helpful to do with the changing seasons and you’ll make room for the new!

— Team reStitch


P.S. Do you have tips on how to declutter your closet? Share your best spring-cleaning ideas and tricks with us and be sure to tag us on social with #reStitch.