Earth Day is a reminder to take a step back and remember that the health of the planet we live on is important. The way we treat Mother Earth is important. What we do now not only affects our lives, but those decisions and actions will exponentially impact generations after us.

Sometimes the responsibility of the health of our planet is a heavy weight, but it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. There are everyday things you can do, like shopping your favorite online thrift store (wink wink) that add up to big things. Imagine if everyone made the effort to do little things?

Here are some suggestions for not just Earth Day but every day.


Reusable water bottles

Convenient? Yes. Environmentally friendly? Gosh, no. There are so many brands and styles of reusable water bottles available, there is no need for anyone to purchase another throwaway bottle. Keep one in your car and at your desk so you always have one on you. Some even come with a clip so you can go hands free by hooking it onto a purse or tote. Carrying a reusable water bottle is trendy and can even be considered a fashion accessory! If you absolutely do not have another choice, be sure you recycle, recycle, recycle!


Just stop littering

Have you ever looked out the car window and really studied what you see? When every gas station, restaurant or store has a garbage can outside the front door, it’s hard to believe people STILL litter. An easy solution is purchasing a small trash can that can be secured inside your car. Throw your wrappers in there and when it’s full, empty it into the trash.


Make the (small) effort to recycle

Yes, recycling at home means you need to have two receptacles. Find a way to make it easy to recycle. Keep the recycle bin right outside your garage door or under the sink. Make it convenient and be proactive. Your city most likely has recycling information available online. Find out what they do and do not accept for recycling. You may be surprised by what they can take.

There are also many businesses that will accept plastic bags or wrap, including the plastic wrap your toilet paper rolls comes in, for recycling purposes. Rule of thumb: Ask yourself if it’s possible any item can be recycled before you throw it out and then follow through with it. If you already are committed to recycling, make a pledge on Earth Day to kick your recycling game up a notch. It makes a difference, friends!


Invest in reusable sandwich bags

Do you pack your own lunch or a child’s lunch? Consider investing in reusable sandwich or snack bags and, of course, a reusable lunch bag. A quick search on Amazon will reveal a wide variety of bags in different sizes and adorable prints. They are so low cost that they pay for themselves quickly. Many bags now are machine washable. Again, little things make a big difference.


Buy second hand

This is our favorite way to celebrate Earth Day!

The greatness of the second hand cycle speaks for itself. Cleaning out your closet benefits you by getting rid of things that don’t serve your needs anymore (including the stress that comes with it). You’re also opening space to fill with more second hand pieces that keep fast fashion in check. By donating your items to Goodwill, you’re helping to keep them out of landfills where they do no good. And when Goodwill receives your second hand donations, you’re supporting a whole network of programs and services designed to help people lead better lives! It’s a perfect trifecta of goodness and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day!

If you’re looking to fill some gaps in your newly cleaned out closet, shop your favorite online thrift store, reStitch. We have a few items that make our hearts go pitter patter!


Button-fly skirt

Second hand button skirt

Kick off the warmer days of the year with a jean skirt like this one from Chaps. The button fly on the skirt is super trendy this spring, and the denim fabric pairs up with everything. Elongate your legs by wearing it with a cute pair of wedges.


Off-the-shoulder top

Second hand off-the-shoulder blouse

This adorable, NWT off-the-shoulder top by Cupio will add a little flirt flair to your spring lineup. Pair it with white skinnies and cut-off shorts. Show off your shoulders and draw even more attention to them with a bright pair of dangly, statement earrings.


Springy blazer

Second hand H&M blazer

Choose something lighter when the temperatures rise. This H&M blazer is the perfect option. Match it up with a blouse and a pair of black ankle pants for a business casual look or throw it over a breezy sundress on chillier days.

— Team reStitch


P.S. What are you doing this year on Earth Day to show your commitment to making an environmental difference? Tell us about it! Share on social and tag it using #reStitch.