Jeans are a staple in every woman’s closet. They pair with nearly everything and are the starting point for both casual and dressy outfits. In the summer, though, jeans are probably the last thing you feel like wearing. There are a few tricks to try with denim during the summer that will make it bearable when the temperatures and humidity soar. Consider these tips when trying to figure out how to wear jeans in the summer without melting.


Shorten it up

Cropped second hand jeans

Cropped or jeans that hit at the ankle are perfect options for the dog days of summer, and they are super trendy right now. Although this NWT pair from the Gap are black, they are both loose and cropped, which make them perfect for hotter summer days when paired with a fun tank or blouse.

reStitch pro tip: Not ready to commit to this jean trend? Try cuffing your jeans for the same effect.



Funny, yes, but we’re not joking! Distressed jeans are hot, hot, hot right now, and this style offers a great solution to sweaty legs because the holes provide air flow. Of course, deconstructed or distressed jeans are not appropriate to wear for all occasions or even most workplaces, so keep that in mind.


Second hand distressed jeans


This pair of distressed jeans from a.n.a would be really cute cuffed and coupled with a pair of printed flats.


Loosen up

Do yourself a favor when the heat and humidity soar and do not shimmy into your skinny jeans. Instead, opt for a pair of stylish straight-leg or wide-leg jeans. (Yes, you can wear something besides your beloved skinny jeans and still be cool. Check out our blog on trendy jeans.)


Second hand Hudson jeans


We like this pair of Hudson jeans because they are straight-leg and cut to fit looser. They also have a great cuff detail around the ankle, making them perfect for summer days when you can’t wear shorts.


Lighten up

Second hand lightweight jeans

An 85-degree day and heavy denim do not mix well, unless sweaty and melting chic is the look you’re going for. Instead, focus on finding jeans made of a lightweight fabric. Confused on what that means? Think of the material in your favorite chambray shirt, like this pair of NWT, cotton jeans from Liz Claiborne. When considering how to wear jeans in the summer without looking overdressed, lightweight jeans are a great option.


Color swap

Second hand wide-leg jeans

Dark blue jeans long have been the go-to for work appropriate denim wear, but dark colors seem so wrong during easy, breezy summer. They actually LOOK heavy and hot. Try introducing some color into your jeans by swapping the dark for colors like blush, white or light green. We have all the heart eyes for this ultra-trendy pair of white, wide-leg jeans from Gap. Pair them up with a tucked-in tank and camel-colored, slip-on sandals and you’ll for sure be turning heads!

— Team reStitch


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